Posford and Vaughan Help Define Psychadelic Trance Music

The musician duo of Simon Posford and Benji Vaughan are possibly the most influential people in the psychedelic trance music genre. The British musicians work together in the electronic act Younger Brother which started off as a one-off effort to write a song for charity but took off thanks to the immense success of the collaboration.

Posford had achieved a great deal of success as the act Hallucinogen and his type of psytrance music was inspired by the psychedelic rave party scene in Goa and other places. His studio albums Twisted, The Lone Deranger, and In Dub, have been extremely popular. He has also released a number of influential and popular singles over the years such as Alpha Centauri, LSD, Angelic Particles / Soothsayer, and Pipeworm. Interestingly, Posford, although an avowed member of the psychedelic scene, doesn’t ever perform except when he is sober because he uses extremely complex computer systems to create his signature style of music.

Vaughan is another successful musician who has helped define the psychedelic trance scene in the United Kingdom. He is best known for his solo effort, Prometheus, which stands out for its singular approach to this genre of music. However, he has also been associated with many other acts. Throughout it all, his music has always been characterized for its excellent production quality. Vaughan tends to use pieces of equipment rarely employed by musicians today because they are considered clunky or glitchy. However, the deliberate use of vintage equipment gives his music an unmatched sound that fans of this genre have appreciated very much. His music is superbly suited for dancing and his albums released as Prometheus, Robot-O-Chan, Corridor of Mirrors, and Spike retain their freshness and appeal. He released his first solo album Even Tundra in 2013 to very appreciative reviews.

Posford, along with Simon Holtom founded recording label Twisted Records that has had quite a large impact on the psytrance music scene. The biggest acts featured on the Twisted label are Posford’s own Hallucinogen and Vaughan’s Prometheus in addition to their collaboration Younger Brother. Another act associated with it is Shpongle.

Younger Brother has been one of the most outstanding acts in the genre of psychadelic trance music. Both Posford and Vaughan bring their unique approach to music to this act and their collaboration is in actuality very seamless. It goes without saying that their individual contributions give Younger Brother a sound that helps it stand apart from other musical acts. Their combined musical output is extremely varied as is evident from the sound of their albums starting from A Flock of Bleeps, and including The Last Days of Gravity and Vaccine Electronic. Listeners have said that the last album has hints of Pink Floyd.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds in store for Posford and Vaughan given that the latter is devoting a great deal of time and effort to his solo musical acts. What’s clear is that they will continue to influence the psychedelic music scene for quite some time to come.

Younger Brother Shows the Way to Psytrance Fans

The psytrance music scene is as hazy as its name suggests but one act that stands out from the others is Younger Brother. Psytrance is an underground genre of music that emerged in the 90s from the highs of rave parties. It continues to have quite a dedicated fan following even though it is extremely difficult to classify. It is one of the biggest acts featuring on the Twisted record label.

Younger Brother is an electronic and psychedelic dance act that was formed in 2003 when Simon Posford and Benji Vaughan, both a big part of the acid music scene, got together to create a track for a charity known as Survival International which advocates on behalf of tribal peoples. Posford, who was always interested in music and worked with Virgin recording studios from a very early age was previously associated with Shpongle and Hallucinogen. Vaughan was best known for his solo project Prometheus. Both men were highly influenced by the rave party scene, especially in Goa.

Their initial album ‘A Flock of Bleeps’ was well received by fans of psychedelic and trance music and it remains a cult classic to this day. They released ‘The Last Days of Gravity in 2007 and it was followed up by ‘Vaccine Electronic’ in 2014. The music is arranged very intricately and the duo makes sure that high production values are maintained. They also get guest musicians to work on their tracks from now and then.

The name adopted by this electronic duo has an interesting story behind it. Their initial collaboration was over a track meant to raise funds for an indigenous tribe from Columbia known as the Kogi. They realized during their research into the tribe that the Kogi referred to themselves as Older Brother in relation to western people who they believed would bring about the destruction of the world. They took the name Younger Brother that referred to western people as a whole.

This electronic duo has managed to achieve quite a lot of prominence for an underground music group and it has fans all over the world. As a matter of fact, Younger Brother has even performed live in many places, taking its highly melodious music to enthusiastic audiences in New York, London, Moscow and Tokyo. The band also released a mobile app in 2014 along with which users could free stream the band’s latest album Vaccine Electronic

Younger Brother has managed to retain its appeal with fans of psytrance music because it strives to maintain its uniqueness with the equipment it uses to create sound. The duo does not overly depend on software to create sounds. Instead they look for pieces of hardware that can impart a unique sound to their music, especially if the hardware in question has some flaws or quirks. As a matter of fact, the fact that it isn’t entirely clean gives the music a personality of its own. This is without doubt an act that fans of psytrance cannot afford to ignore.